Carovana Romantica Join Tenimenti d’Alessandro in Cortona

On Friday 14 of June, Carovana will have an exclusive visit and special welcome at the unique vineyards of  Tenimenti d’Alessandro, in the Bosco territory, the most famous Syrah in Italy. The Tenimenti’s enthusiast managment, will let us discover the exclusive property of Borgo Syrah, born restructuring 7 historic buildings preserving the historic value and the beauty of the area. A unique opportunity for us to participate in the extraordinary history of the production of great wines.

Carovana Romantica 2013 gets Patronage of the city of Perugia

Carovana romantica invicta

Carovana Romantica gets patronage of the city of Perugia. Next June Carovana Romantica will cross more than 15 municipalities in Tuscany and Umbria.
Two days of the event will be dedicated to Perugia's surroundings, and the towns of Assisi and Gubbio.
Perugia is renowned for its vast and rich historical and artistic heritage that Italy represents a real huge great treasure preserved in centuries of history. A city on a human scale surrounded by Etruscan walls in which you integrate a harmonious union between landscape and history.

In loving memory of Gianalberto

Gianalberto and friends

On September 1st 2012 we missed Gianalberto D’Ammassa, founder and enthusiast organizer of Carovana Romantica.
At the beginning of 1981 he guessed that extraordinary fascination of making veteran and classic cars ride again on the streets and organized one of the first long distance rallies in Europe, called Carovana Romantica. We will always remember him as a friend and a mentor. Carovana goes on in his memory. Carovana Team would like to thank all friends and enthusiast owners for their messages from all over Europe.


Carovana Romantica 2014