Carovana Romantica has got the patronage of the city of Montepulciano

Next June Caravan will cross the medieval Romantic Town of Montepulciano, through the ancient streets of Via dei Filosofi, Via Collazzi, Via San Donato to get to the Piazza Grande.
The cars will arrive in Montepulciano on Monday 10th at about 17.00 p.m., coming from the stage at Pienza, and will continue down to Bettona (PG).

Carovana Romantica Join Tenimenti d’Alessandro in Cortona

On Friday 14 of June, Carovana will have an exclusive visit and special welcome at the unique vineyards of  Tenimenti d’Alessandro, in the Bosco territory, the most famous Syrah in Italy. The Tenimenti’s enthusiast managment, will let us discover the exclusive property of Borgo Syrah, born restructuring 7 historic buildings preserving the historic value and the beauty of the area. A unique opportunity for us to participate in the extraordinary history of the production of great wines.


Carovana Romantica 2014