Wonderful 1923 Bentley 3L Speed at Carovana Romantica 2013

Gorgeous 1923 Bentley 3L Speed coming from England at Carovana Romantica 2013.
This car is the first Red Label Speed model, chassis no. 356 which was raced in South Africa in 1923/24 by Dr Rabagilati and later in the 1920's by his brother in the UK. It has open coachwork by Cadogan. The car was fully restored in its original colour scheme of black with red chassis.
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Gianluca Galvani’s Jazz & Swing Quartet at Carovana Romantica 2013

gianluca Galvani Jazz & Swing Quartet

On Sunday 9th and Friday 14th night at Borgo Scopeto Relais, a special jazz & swing concert of Galvani’s Jazz & Swing Quartet, will entertain guests with two exclusive evenings that will evoke the atmosphere of the 30s.
Gianluca Galvani undertook a young boy activity musical concert and in a short time is to play alongside the major representatives of classic jazz in Italy and abroad.

Enrico Rossi, President of Regione Toscana grants patronage to Carovana Romantica 2013

toscana landscape

The President Enrico Rossi, granted the patronage of the Regione Toscana to Carovana Romantica 2013. The International Rally will cross the magnificent region between heaven and earth, meadows and vineyards, churches and villages, covering some of the many old streets through landscapes that still tell the history of the area.


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