Carovana Romantica Special Transport on request

ON request: Carovana Team can arrange, on request, cars transport on truck (round trip) at special price terms. To assure maximum quality service in terms of security and liability (to avoid potential damages, wind, oil loss, etc…) we chose the  “best in class” transport company, iFast Automotive Logistics that organize trip on closed trucks. Each truck will charge only 6 cars.

Interested in tailored transoprt on trucks: plaese meka youre request at:

Carovana Romantica 2014 Slow Ride Apulia happy ending

Chevrolet Corvette at Carovana Romantica 2014
The 2014 Rally of Carovana Romantica in the Salentoshire" ended on June 2014
Successfully end for the rally in Apulia, internationally recognized as an extremely attractive destination, dotted with small cities still presenting very unique and charming peculiarities, where present and past live in a close and profitable symbiosis and which are not only rich in the tangible traces left by artists and craftsmen of the past but are still vibrant, bustling and thriving with life.

Carovana Romantica Tour 2013 starts today from Borgo Scopeto

Cars meeting in Borgo Scopeto for the first evening of Carovana Romantica.
26 Equips from Denmark, Germany, Belgiun, England and Switzerland took part to this edition.
Wonderful effect of the cars parked in front of the hotel.
Friends from all over Europe meets again, for another long trip. On next Sunday, see you in Siena.


Carovana Romantica 2014