Carovana Romantica 2016 gets Patronage of I Borghi più belli d'Italia

borghi più belli d'Italia

The Club of "THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VILLAGES IN ITALY",promoting the great heritage of History, Art, Culture, Environment and Traditions found in small Italian towns which are, for the most part, cut off from the flow of visitors and tourists, has given the official patronage To Carovana Romantica 2016.
Some of the member Vilages, will be touched by the next tour in Marke.

CAROVANA ROMANTICA 2016 - The Marche: Italy in one region.

Registration to CAROVANA ROMANTICA 2016 - The Marche: Italy in one region are OPENED In 2016 Carovana Romantica comes back with an unreleased before programme in an unique region of Italy: The Marche, located in the centre of the country, a region that sum up the whole of Italy in themselves: sea, mountains, history, art, local traditions, spirituality, nature, typical food and wine.


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