Veneto 2008


Veneto 2008
The 2008 rally in Veneto was really an adventure. Seven days raining cats and dogs, and the Carovana team engaged in a stressing week. Anyway, enthusiasts happy and a whole comprehensive tour of Veneto’s beauties.
Let’s tell the story.
On Sunday May 17 Welcome dinner. Plenty of room for trucks and trailers. Overnight stay in Mogliano Veneto at Park Hotel Villa Marcello Giustinian.
On the next day visit to Oderzo, Portobuffolè (ancient city), Villa Manin, the largest Palladian villa, and stage in Palmanova, at the fortified town. Dinner and overnight at Grado.
A visit to the Roman archaeological site and National Museum Aquileia followed on the next day, driving in direction of  Miramare Castle and Park, to get to Trieste.
Rain, rain, everyday rains cats and dogs. But the exclusive visit by private boat to Venice and
other islands, was a success.
Then Conegliano, Lake Revine, a visit to Winery in Feletto and visit to the the oldest water mill.
In Valdobbiadene welcome at the winery Umberto Bortolotti, a very good friend of Carovana.
Driving on the Panoramic road of Montello, we reached Venegazzù, and Nervesa della Battaglia, for a special lunch at the “mushrooms specialized” restaurant “Miron”.
Marostica, Asolo, Possagno, Feltre, Dosson di Casier. Official visit with the cars to Treviso.
Goodbye Veneto! Goodbye rain!