Tunisia 2001


The Tunisia tour of Carovana Romantica started on April 2011 in Genoa, where 75 veteran cars coming from France, England, Germany, Austria, Spain, Switzerland and other european counries, were charged on the cruise ship Grimaldi directed to Tunis.
After a few moments of difficulty to process the paperwork,  here is the city of Tunis, were the long caravan headed toward the first step along the banks of the lagoon near ancient Carthage, combined with the Mediterranean Sea by a canal of about 10 km that connects  to the Goletta Harbour.
The arrival in Hammamet is marked by the warm welcome, on the waterfront of Jasmin, by a multitude of local children curious about the old cars. In the following  days Caravana touches Carthage, on the eastern side of Lake Tunis, with its precious remains and Roman mosaics still perfectly preserved.
Also suggestive the stages in Monastir, with its own marina (Marina) located between the tip of a small rocky peninsula that separates the Gulf of Hammamet and Monastir from the island of Sidi El Gadamsi, and Sidi Bou Said, known for its extensive use of blue and white colors all over the city, and its decorated gates.
Unforgettable the extraordinary step in Kairouan, the city considered to be particularly venerable by Muslims to the presence of the oldest mosque, built in the seventh century (the first century of the Islamic calendar), and listed as World Heritage by UNESCO in 1988. Here, a local leader and a carpets merchant, riserve us a very special hospitality, in his home, with magnificent moresque decorated rooms.
A memorable dancing night in oltimer costume,  and a night at Casino of Hammamet, concluded this memorable trip.