Sardegna 2005

A really interesting tour of Sardinia on May 2005, which fully meted expectations and sugges-tions of participants.

Departure on  May 23rd from Genoa, embarking on a brand new Tirrenia ship, directed to Porto Torres. On the next day, after arrival, we travelled along an easy road from Porto Torres to Sassari and then to Oristano. Our acquaintance with Sardinia was a visit to the famous archaeological site of Barumini (UNESCO), after which a folkloristic wel-come lunch was held.
In the evening we drove through the interesting internal area of Guspini – Arbus and Fluminimaggiore.
On May 24th, here is the west coast and the gorgeous dunes of Piscinas, the bay of Portixeddu and the small mining town on Buggerru seaside. In the evening a fascinating guided tour of beautiful Grotta (cavern) of Su Mannau and the Temple of Antas.
A new stage at Porto Flavia,  in the unbelievable marine scenario of Masua, which we shall continue to enjoy during lunch at the ancient seaside town of Nebida.
In the evening, we reached, sun behind us, the south coast, admiring the many coves along the road, and arriving to Chia, the most beautiful beach of Sardinia, and then Pula.
Aboard an amusing little train, we had then a “promenade” along the coast visiting its distinctive sites and then have a drink at Porto Cervo.
Ready to the islands:  a wonderful visit of the archipelago of Maddalena by boat: Spargi, Budelli, Caprera (with Garibaldi’s house).
Last stage in S.Teresa di Gallura and Costa del Paradiso, and then Castelsardo before embarkation at Porto Torres.
Goodbye wonderful Sardinia, and thank you to the enthusiasts!!!