Carovana Story

The history of Caravan begins in 1981, with 75 cars of great prestige from Italy and abroad around the Campania region, in one of the first gatherings traveling long-term international character took place in Italy.
The first editions of the '80s, which saw the participation of testimonial as the great drivers of the past Manuel Fangio, Toulu de Grafferried, Gigi Villoresi, Maria Teresa de Filippis and many others, and the organization of a series of special events such as the first and only historical pageant circuit Posillipo in Naples, have occurred more than 30 editions with themed events, commemorations, sports. all of the big picture, which involved most of the national territory, through hundreds of municipalities and promoted local, familiar and unfamiliar, with the participation of public bodies to promote tourism and private sponsors. Over two thousand years the Caravan has consolidated its international profile with a Tour "long distance" of Tunisia, in April 2001, which saw the participation of 76 teams.