Carovana Romantica has got the patronage of the city of Assisi

Next June Caravan will cross the medieval Romantic Town of Assisi, through the ancient streets fine to get close to the town square, and to the temple of Minerva, where the cars will be exposed to the public.
Will visit some of the architectural treasures of the city such as the Temple of Minerva, which dates back to the first century. a., the late Republican period, with its facade still well preserved in their original state, with its six columns with Corinthian capitals, and the Palazzo del Capitano, the first public building built in the town square, in the facade of which are walled measures for silk, linen and wool, and the shapes of bricks and tiles for the building industry.
In the afternoon, at about 15 p.m. the cars will move to the Basilica of Santa Maria degli Angeli, which was built to accommodate the masses of pilgrims visiting the Portiuncula, the primitive chapel of St. Maria degli Angeli S. Francis received a gift from the Benedictine Subasio and became the nucleus of the first convent.