Carovana Romantica 2015 Tour: registration CLOSED

Registration to Carovana Romantica 2015 On the footsteps of “Grand Tour” are now CLOSED

Carovana Romantica will come back in 2016 with the XXXV Anniversary - Jubilaeum - Edition, reserved to 40-45 Classic and Vintage Car's.
Carovana Romantica is held since about 35 years in Italy and abroad with success, and is organized exclusively for enthusiast's pleasure and fun, to make people coming from all over Europe and abroad meet and stay togheter in a international context.

Carovana Romantica Event's  are open to :
Class B,C,D,E,F* Vehicles 
*Carovana Team reserves prestigious Class F vehicles admittance.

To reserve your 2016 Anniversary Tour, or make requests and get info, 
Please write to :