Carovana Romantica 2014 Slow Ride Apulia happy ending

Chevrolet Corvette at Carovana Romantica 2014

Carovana Romantica 2014 International Rally - June 7th -14th 2014 Happy end!

The 2014 Event ended on June 14 in Apulia, internationally recognized as an extremely attractive destination, dotted with small cities still presenting very unique and charming peculiarities, where present and past live in a close and profitable symbiosis and which are not only rich in the tangible traces left by artists and craftsmen of the past but are still vibrant, bustling and thriving with life.
Carovana crews traveled touching little towns appearing like open-air museums, rich in beautiful old churches and art collections but also offering stunning views, like Alberobello, famous for its “trulli” the timeless cone-shaped roofs rural buildings; Ostuni, the whitewashed city filled with the peculiar light of the Mediterranean; Martina Franca, the music town looking like a spectacular Baroque outdoor stage set, Otranto, Italy’s easternmost city, where the sun rises earlier than anywhere else in the country; Castro picturesque little town of the lower Adriatic perched on a high cliff dropping sheer to the sea; Lecce, the Baroque town, Gallipoli and Nardò.
Further south, at the very tip of the region, we will find an exotic taste along the seafront of Santa Maria di Leuca, over the meeting of two seas which conveys the feeling of being at the world’s very edge, boasting several residences in the Moorish and Art Nouveau styles, as in Santa Cesarea Terme where the Kursaal building recreates the oriental atmospheres so popular in aristocratic circles of the past century. Carovana, as usual, followed unusual and stunning itineraries in the internal areas of the region, discovering little towns, wine cellars, musical and folk traditions.