Carovana Romantica 2012 - Sicily

Thursday May 24th

Arrival in Palermo, with its Romanesque, Gothic and Baroque churches, palaces and buildings and transfer to Hotel for dinner and overnight stay.

Friday May 25th

Start for Cefalù, one of the major tourist attractions in the region, for Car’s Parade. Parking area in front of the sea, and free visit of the historic center.
Lunch at Kentia Restaurant (terrace – fish).
Start to Castelbuono, that it’s famous for the castle which its name derives, and around which the city grew up, for a Guided Castle visit, folk welcome and “special horse race” for participants
After cakes tasting. Dinner show in hotel

Saturday May 26th

We will run the Madonie Mountains, (Targa Florio itinerary), with a special gastronomy and various landscapes. Start to Petralia Sottana - Piano Battaglia
Lunch in Piano Torre with its scenic panorama, then start to Isnello – Castelbuono and come back to the hotel.
Hotel’s Winery visit, tasting, special wine purchase, and more…
Dinner show in hotel.

Monday May 28th

Start to fantastic Eolian’s islands. Visit by sea of Vulcano, Salina and Lipari islands; at 12:00 landing at Salina and Lunch. Ristorante “Da Franco”.
Start for the Hotel
Dinner show in private landscape hall. Carovana’s Ladyes dedicated..

Tuesday May 29th

In the morning Relax in hotel
In the evening embarkation on private motor yacht from the hotel harbour and tour of Panarea-Stromboli
Landing at Stromboli and little guided tour
Embarkment to see “vulcanic material” from the sea and dinner on board with special “Maccheronata”.

Wednesday May 30th

Departure with cars to Montalbano Elicona for its Castle visit.
Start to Etna. Scenic road and lunch in Santa Domenica Vittoria.
Arrival to Etna quota 1000 and visit of Piano Provenzano (last eruption area,2001).

Thursday May 31st

Start to Randazzo – Welcome and visit.
Visit, wine tasting and more in Cantina Vini Patria.
Start to Castelmola. Granita & Brioche c/o Caffè San Giorgio.
Return to hotel
Start to Castello Romeo.
Gala dinner with musical entertainment.

Friday June 01st

Start to Higway ME-CA; exit Mulinello – Aidone – Morgantina.
Morgantina visit
Start to Pelermo